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In this opportunity, instead of doing something design by other, I want to reproduce something that I made.  I tried in different kind of ways but the main idea was to create a list of variation of the same project. The idea is to create a vase that is inspired in pixels. It is created with a mold compost of 8 parts and the position of each of them give multiple variations. In this post I'm only going to refer to the last two procedure of how to make the variations and control them. First I create a framework based on two point connected by a line and divided in 8 parts. 

 The idea was to only have a point as a input for the powercopies. However it was necessary to create a plane in each point in order to use it later as a reference for the axis system.

Then I create 8 parameter and two sketches that will overlap. One with the vertical cube and other with the horizontal ones. 

I made all my rectangles an output features and created solid with the command pad.  The good thing about solid is that the overlapping automatically  become a bollean. After this I created powercopies with my two magnific inputs! it was not that simple to arrive to this result. I mean there are a thousand ways to do this project but all of them always have something wrong. 

Here is one example. I try to do the design of experiment with my 64 parameters. I put 3 level for each parameter and then the program said ERROR TOO MANY UPDATES  so at this point I decided to create Design table to control the updates of the vase.

Then I created the 4 cube of the corners. that are constrain by the same point that was created in the input. I created also 4 parameters one for each cube. 

Then I created a rule that put in relation the fix length with the paramenter of each cube in order to make them show or not. 

Then I created a powercopies for the little cubes and the rules and update the design table. 

Last but not least I assambly all the bodies into one and start to play with the table. I know that I could do the list of my variation but at the end is just a number. No one is going to see more than a 100 thousand variations just to pick the most beautiful one.

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