AVFD_works: FLAT FORM _ Project 007

FLAT FORM _ Project 007

Project 007


I try to take advantage of time and do something a little bit more complicate. I am very interest in how the framework can offer us many kind of forms.  As always I select a referent. In this case is a fish.

I thought it will be easy but I was wrong. For the framework I used more geometrical constrain than parameters.

Then I created a grid over the shape of the fish and select the points of intersection as my actual framework.

I also created a grid for the unfold pieces with the pattern.

I took four points as my inputs and star to design my little piece in 3d space.

I used fill and the join and created an object that could be unfold.

After finish this I started with the power copies. My power copies asked me for 5 points and two axis.
Everything works well after a lot of many many problems.

At the end I simplify my original form to be able to produce my power copies. Also I divide my rectangles in triangles because Digital Project didn't allow me to unfold my pieces.

It was not the output that I was expecting but it is ok. I will continue improving my abilities with DP.

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