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Scripting is a way of describing with word and it is something that we are doing since the Renascence. If we think about Alberti's books , we can see some kind of scripting too. For example,  all the indication of how to draw a map provide the possibility to make multiple copies even in different scales.  It was some kind of scripting using word instead of codes.  It is a fascinating subject that gives us nowadays many possibilities in architecture. One of them is the variations of the copies.

During many years we were trying to make everything very standard. We search for having as many identical copies and industrialization help us to perfection these techniques.  In the present, we have the tools to push standardization to craft. We used scripting as a way to create different conditions in design. We have the possibilities to generated variations. However, I believe that making variations just for the sake of having something different is not enough. We should explored more the meaning and give some intentions to the techniques that we are developing. Even if Spuybroek said that we should preserve techniques, materiality and morphologies before meaning ; I think that meaning and idea give some coherence to projects in society.

Maybe I misunderstood some parts in the last pages but it seems that Spuybroek has a strong position against idea when it with meaning and concept are important part in architecture. What is the sense of making variations only to demonstrate that we have the knowledge to do them?

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