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Project 003

FRAMEWORK FORM _ Digital Project to STAAD

This week the assignment was very complex and for the first time I could arrived to the result that I wanted.

In the first project I design a series of circles in different planes which are constrain by the projection of the center. I work with two spirals in contrary sense. Also I made parameters for the radius of the circles as well as the distance between planes.  These gave many different options to play but the fact that I put the same center for all circles didn't allow me to move them in the XY plane. Now I have the doubt: How can I convert a reference point in just a point?

I didn't find my answer so I decided to restart with a more simple project with flexible planes.

The second time the problem was with the perpendicular lines that we need for STAAD. I tried with a normal plane, with a line from a point to a curve but there was always something that after change my parameters didn't continue working. Then I try just to do a diagonal from a end point to an other point in the line that  I could control through the ratio. That gave me the lines that I needed.

However the problem after that was with splitting the line. The command split made my line disappear even if I said to the program to keep both side. I proved many option non of them successful. It is really frustrating to not obtain the results that you hope.

Next week I would like to post the rest of the assignment but first I need to clarify my doubts.

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