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Project 010


This time I tried the knowledgeware optimization in Digital Project. I wanted to take advantage of the output of this operation so I found some real actual form to study: BOTTLE.

 I started creating the parameters that control the radius and distance between sketches. I established 5 circles in different sketches with different highs. All of them are connected by the center of the circle. I also did the future closing point in each circle. Then I created a multi-section solid and the volume parameter for the output in the optimization.

At the beginning I gave four levels to the radius parameter and two levels to the highs. The problem was that it gave me 16384 variations. Too much for my little computer so I decided to reduce the levels from four to three. It takes only 20 minutes to give me the excel table and the results and predictions. 

Here are some example of the 3888 bottles that the optimization give me. Really useful and quick to see all the possible variation. It is important to be smart in the use of the parameters to control the variations of the design. 

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