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Terzidis  explain how computers have taken place in design in the last decade. The introduction of algorithmic have change our approach to design. We are focusing more in the process than in the product. Algorithmic are based in mathematical precision but design is more than that. It debates between engineering and art. Algorithmic allow us to give responds to a very punctual problem but in design the problem is never clear.
There are many factors that can't be put in algorithmic but they define in a strong way our design. Is this generation of architect losing the meaning of architecture because they are lost in the process? Have concept lost its importance and techniques have become the center of architecture?

Even if this is a pro-digital reading I appreciated the brief story of computer, design and algorithmic in time. Digital aided has been mimicking analog behavior for long time. Nowadays the paradigm are changing through algorithmic as a way to study variations. However, setting rules and behavior give us just possibilities with a random character. Are we losing our roles as designer or are we creating a new way of design? Process have been fetishized, techniques have been overrated and idea is going into the dark angle of design.  I don't believe that computer are mirror of human mind or the reflects of its thinking as Terzidis said. It is obscene to believe that the soul of a design can be put in algorithmic. The only way is losing all the expectations, ideas, theories and values that we have when we design and right now we arrived to the point of simplification of them that they are almost disappearing.

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