AVFD_works: Turtles, termites and traffic jams

Turtles, termites and traffic jams

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TURTLES, TERMITES AND TRAFFIC JAM Explorations in Massively  Parallel Microworlds by Mitchel Resnick

The flock of birds has been the classical example of behavior and self organization. It is based in ideas as relationships and interdependencies without any logical hierarchies. There is no leader is just some rules that are follow base on the relation with the others.

It is very interesting how Resnick illustrated his ideas with examples of decentralization in different aspects.
Companies,countries, nature, traffic, society, gender... Each component of them think as an" I and not we".

Resnick is interested in creating tools that can help people to understand these decentralized systems. In every field we can find persons that change paradigms of their profession. Example of this is Freud in psychology with  Ego, Superego and id or Darwin with the evolution theory and even Newton with laws forces.

Nowadays understanding the behavior of this decentralized system is fundamental for developing and resolved problem of our society. Also we are experimenting the changes in different fields from a centralized design to a more efficient and decentralized systems.

Rules are a subject that it has been introduced to me few weeks ago and now I am exploring the different possibilities that they can offer in my design. I found the reading a good introduction to this kind of system and now I am curious of how it is going to continue.

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