AVFD_works: ASSEMBLY_Project 004

ASSEMBLY_Project 004

Project 004

ASSEMBLY_ parts and constrains between them

As always I opened the different blogs of architecture that I usually read. That day I found a project that reminded me this week assignment. It consist in parts that create a diverse output depending of the assembly. amass-by-benjamin-hubert-for-100-design

I try to reproduce this project because I think that is more difficult to try to do something that already have constrains than to design from scratch when you can adapt your project to your knowledge of the program. I made some modification because two of the pieces of this project are equal at the effects of digital project. This project was a point of inspiration and  constrains for my exercises.

I did three pieces. Work with a module of 5cm for the measure of the elements. I constrain the angles and the diameter of circles (1cm). I designed the path in the plane YZ and then used the multi surface section to created the volume. The references planes I did them taking a point and a curve as a reference (normal plane). I also realized the importance of the output features for the creation of solids.

I did other two pieces and used the same constrains as the first one. For doing the 3d elements I used rib and took the path and the circle as the references for the command.

I created a new file: Assembly Design and import all my pieces and constrained  them in 3 different ways. I try to do a random combination with different repetition of the parts. I used an angle as a parameter to see in an easy way the outputs of the projects. I used a fix point but for made more readable the images I rotated them. That is way it give you the sensation that it doesn't have a base. 

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